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Radio System Analysis Consultancy


Solutions for Communications and Radar


  • Organisations with mobile units in the field

  • Defence Forces

  • Telecommunication companies

  • Aviation

  • Maritime

  • Resource exploration

  • Remote area operations

  • Telecommunication regulators and radio spectrum management

  • Become a better informed buyer and user of radio and radar systems

  • Remove the guesswork for radio and radar performance assessment

  • Pre-plan field operations with simulations. A less expensive option than full field testing of every configuration

  • Radio spectrum planning, coordination and control

  • Strengthen radio links between mobile units. Expensive equipment at the nodes may be under-utilised by sub-optimal radio links 

Communications and Radar

  • Existing systems – improve performance

  • Planned systems – examine options


Improve system effectiveness for a small fraction of the hardware system costs.

Across the Radio Spectrum
  • LF, MF via surface-wave 

  • MF, HF beyond line-of-sight 

  • VHF, UHF line-of-sight 


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