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Larger consultancy projects

Consultancy Projects

  • Detailed scoping of Objectives via Requirements Review. Detailed scoping of work to be done to achieve the Objectives by a Design Review. 

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with well defined Work Packages (WP) grouped into fixed price Deliverables of reports, with recommendations and supporting analysis, and a delivery schedule. 

Enquiries and smaller projects
  • Hourly blocks of consultancy time may be pre-purchased. This is often suitable for small enquiries and projects requiring less than 5 hours of work.

  • These hourly blocks would cover email advice and attached small reports or presentations, with recommendations and supporting analysis. The amount of time credit remaining will be shown in each email advice.

  • ​​Email based Client interaction and product delivery, with no requirement for expensive consultant travel

  • Advice and reports are written in english

  • Rates are €200- per hour (non-negotiable)​. Payment in euros € by direct deposit. 

  • As a benchmark for size, many of the examples on the 'General Services' page represent 1-3 hours work.

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